What is resQR code?

ResQR code is an initiative that lets First Responders and Healthcare workers know about vital information regarding you in case of an Emergency. Information like your Emergency Contact number, Blood Group, Health Insurance policy (If Any) being readily available could save on valuable time, resulting in prompt response to those in need.

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How does it work?

In case of an accident or an unprecedented emergency, passers by or first responders just need to scan the resQR code using their phone and vital information regarding the person in need is displayed on their screens.

All you need to do is scan to save a life.


Why do you need a resQR code

Did you know that India had the most deaths in the world due to road accidents in 2019 ?

Let's take a look at the Numbers

India had most deaths in road accidents in 2019.

A total of 151,113 people were killed in 480,652 road accidents across India in 2019, an average of 414 a day or 17 an hour, according to a report by the transport research wing of the ministry of road transport and highways.

Majority of these lives could have been saved, had prompt action been taken.

This is why you need a resQR code.

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Get all the information that you need, even if you are offline!

On the road or in the hospital, all the information that would be required to save a life is available in one place.

You don't need the internet. Simply scan the resQR code with any scanner available on your phone.

Emergencies Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

We recommend that you apply this resQR code to your Vehicles, Helmets and your Mobile Phones. 

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